Monday, August 18, 2008


Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday night was date #5....yup, I'm still counting.

On Friday, this is what he had suggested...
We meet at the dog park after work on Saturday, then a movie and dinner.

So, on Saturday, I sent him a text message at 4.30 telling him I'd be leaving shortly and would be at the park not long after. I never got a reply, but went anyway so Ollie could have some play-time. Just as I was leaving the park, I received an apology text (he's not big on phone calls, yet), saying he was with his daughter. He had had to take her to have a manicure so he decided to have a pedi.

I responded with "You'd lost points for taking so long to reply to my text, but you just gained them back for the man pedi".

Fast forward to dinner after the movie. We were talking about his daughter's manicure and how long it had taken, blah blah, when he told me he had also had his back waxed for the first time EVER. His ex wife had never asked him to do it, so he hadn't ever bothered.

I'm not sure he's sold on this yet because yesterday when I asked him how it was he told me itchy and uncomfortable. I suggested next time he come with me to my wonderful esthetician.

All this work for date #5 and I never saw his toes nor his back!!!

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