Friday, November 28, 2008

Post Thanksgiving

Friday, November 28, 2008

Yesterday, for those who don't live in the USA, was Thanksgiving. One of my favorite get to spend time with family and/or friends, eat LOTS of food and you don't have to buy gifts for everyone.

I went to a morning yoga class, then home for breakfast, picked up Ollie and met a friend and her dog to go for a hike. The weather was perfect. Back home to shower and off to friends for Thanksgiving dinner, which was really fun.

This morning I had an appointment at the Fertility Clinic for blood work and an ultrasound. I got my period yesterday after being on the Pill this month. You're not supposed to get cysts if you're on the Pill, but I apparently managed to. Then was a phone message, that my FSH (estrogen) levels are too high - because of the cyst, and I can't go ahead with the IVF this month....g-d damn it. Now I have to wait until January...

I will say, though, I'm extremely lucky to be working with the nicest (for want of a better word) group of people. I really lucked out with this job. Everyone knows what I'm doing and are being incredibly supportive. Not that I would expect any's just great to know they have my back.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Friday, November 14, 2008

I've been watching the Barbara Walter's special with Nancy and Thomas Beatie. He is pregnant AGAIN with his/her second baby. I'm having a real problem with this. Not because I don't think the couple should have children, but did they really HAVE to tell the world when he/she was pregnant last year? I'm also not jealous....
I just don't get why, why, why I'm fertilely challenged and a MAN can have a baby, or two.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Things to do on a rainy afternoon....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

1. Eat.
2. Shop online for a baby daddy.
3. Eat.
4. Look at yoga schedule for tomorrow.
5. Procrastinate about taking dog for a walk, even though his legs are crossed.
6. Make phone calls.
7. Pay bills.
8. Ok, now I HAVE to take him out....

I know I said I'd tell you where I'm now working, but I've actually now got to get ready to go into work, so here is their website for you to look at and find the store nearest you so you too can be the coolest yogi/runner/athlete in town.

Oh and I heard from the Vet yesterday...Ollie's quarantine test results came back and everything is negative, which is great. I have to have him sign the certificate, but he's not in til Monday. A couple of days here or there is not going to make a difference.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Last Week...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I started training for my new job and the Dr started me on the pill to get ready for IVF.

I had an appointment at the Fertility Clinic on Monday because I got my period...blood test and ultrasound then had to go back on Friday morning for something called a Sono-Hysterogam (HSN) where I had yet another blood test and saline injected into my uterus. It was a great way to spend 30 minutes. I did, however, get the go ahead to start IVF and left with a large goodie bag full of medication. There are lots of things I have to take, and inject and none are covered by my insurance. One of the nurses has been hoarding a lot of them for me (which is something I'm grateful for), but there are as many again, that I have prescriptions for that need to be filled.

No dates this week, apart from a coffee meeting, but that was all it was and if it gets to a real date, as in dinner, I'll elaborate.

I will also fill you in on my job this week...promise.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

History Made Tonight

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well....the US has a new President elect....


vote vote vote vote vote

Today, there's only one thing on the minds of every American...

"Who is going to be elected President tonight?"

As a Resident with a Green Card the US Government has no problem making me pay taxes, but I cannot vote. I HAVE made my choice heard though, not that it counts!!!

Changing the topic to something way more interesting....

In the last ten days I went on 4 dates.
The first was a dinner. The guy told a REALLY long, boring story and I pretended I was interested. He walked me to my car at the end of the night, I said thank you and good bye and held out my hand to shake his. We had no chemistry....NEXT

A couple of nights later, I met another guy for drinks and dinner. This looked more promising. He wasn't bad looking and it wasn't like pulling teeth to make conversation. Although, by the end of the meal, he started to get a bit touchy, feely....and then, thought he should kiss me when he said bye...I thought not.

He did call me the next day to ask me out for the following night, which I agreed to. I showed up at the time we'd discussed, and as I got out of my car, I could see him walking towards me. I knew then I would have preferred be home on the couch and that didn't want to be there (yeah, I'm fickle), but I figured I'd keep my thoughts to myself and maybe it would be ok. We sat down and he started to talk, no, bitch about his divorce and how the ex took him for everything he had. EVERY topic lead back to his divorce, it was making me crazy. This was a definite dating no no. I was happy when the check was paid and I could leave.

The following day, he sent me a text message asking whether I'd like to go out again!!! I decided I needed to email him.

"Hi xxxx,

Thank you again for last night. You're a great guy and will make someone very day, but you're not over your divorce and although you think you are ready for a relationship, you need to get past the bitterness of the divorce and your ex to be able to move forward.
I'm sure our paths will cross again and I wish you luck in your search for true happiness.


His response was that he believes he IS ready for a relationship and we just obviously aren't compatible. Ummm, ok, I'm sure talking about your divorce ad nauseum could be a turn on for someone...

The last was lunch on Sunday. This guy turned up in old ill fitting jeans, a sweatshirt and white tennis shoes....pahlease make an effort. Again, I knew this was going to be a very quick meal. There was NO chemistry, mainly because he had absolutely no personality. I was home within the hour!!!

My date filtering system must have been on the fritz last week. No more dating until it's fixed....