Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year

Monday, January 7, 2013
It's 2013 and this is the year I'm going to become a Mummy. I have wanted this for SO long but after all this time and so many failed IVF cycles, never thought it would actually happen.

I'm now 26 weeks and still growing daily. I can't believe changes in my body over these weeks. When I look back at photos from when I was 12 weeks and thought I was HUGE, I knew NOTHING!!!

Mt diet is still not where I'd ideally like it to be, but the sugar cravings I had in the first trimester have gone, thankfully. My appetite is still small...I can really only stomach a smoothie in the morning, a sandwich or salad for lunch and rice crackers for dinner. My social life is a tad scarce seeing as going out for dinner is not on the cards and during the holidays, most of my friends are either away or doing family stuff, so lunches are out.

it's now the middle of summer and most days are quite hot. I can go out at 6am for a walk with my dog, but after about 8am, I need to be out of the sun. I cannot believe how much it affects me now. I feel positively nauseous if I stand in the full sun for anything over about a minute. I haven't been a fan of the heat for a number of years and would much rather be in New York's winter right now!

This week I'm having my Gestational Diabetes test (fingers crossed I won't have it). The fact I'm having twins PLUS my age are strong markers for GD. I really don't want to have to give up bananas seeing as I have 1/2 a one in my smoothie every morning. Oh well, it'll only be 12 weeks and I'm sure I'll cope. No use pre-empting something until I know the results.

Week 23

week 24    

week 26

Tried to add week 25, but my technical skills aren't up to scratch. It kept ending up in the wrong place and then I couldn't fix it. But you can see the difference in my size. My belly is getting higher, as opposed to rounder!