Monday, August 31, 2009

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Monday, August 31, 2009

Finally some good follicles have done what they were supposed to, this cycle, and actually grown. On Wednesday afternoon, my eggs are going to be retrieved, which means that I have to give myself a trigger 2AM. It has to be 36 hours prior to them removing my eggs.

I'm not excited yet, I suppose because of all the let downs last year. I am, though, crossing all my fingers, toes and both my eyes.

I can't go to bed yet because I've just eaten a huge cup of frozen yogurt and am SO not tired. This was NOT the best thing I've ever done. Also, the people above me are stomping around and I'd feel like the crazy tenant asking them to be quiet at 9.45pm, so being on a sugar high isn't such a terrible thing.

N x

Friday, August 28, 2009


Friday, August 28, 2009

Yesterday, I went back to the Fertility Clinic for yet another ultrasound and blood test. Thank goodness the Clinic is close by and parking not a hassle, and it's free, because I'm becoming a regular.

I have four follicles in one ovary and three in the other.

"Not bad for 42" said the nurse.

I was given my antag shots that I now must take every evening with the Puregon. Not together, they're two separate injections, so I now double fist. The nurse told me she thinks it's easier to give myself the antag shot, which is called Orgalutran, in my thigh...not so much...I tried last night and nearly hit the ceiling. Both shots are going in my stomach.

I go back in the morning for more blood work and an ultrasound, and provided my body is doing what it should, I'll be given more drugs and hopefully next week, the Dr will harvest my eggs.

I'll get back to you tomorrow

N x

Monday, August 24, 2009

And Today..

Monday, August 24, 2009

The couch I ordered five weeks ago, that was promised to me two weeks ago, was finally's gone back because the delivery men couldn't figure out how to get it around the corner of the hallway. I even asked one of my neighbors if he minded them going into his apartment to try to maneuver the sofa that way, but still no luck.

I've been SO looking forward to getting my couch and finally being able to entertain and be comfortable and was kind of upset, to say the least. The guys, one of whom was deathly afraid of Ollie, tried everything they could and even called the showroom manager to ask his opinion. They assured him they had tried everything... EVERYTHING.

Another delivery man called me this afternoon to let me know he was going to pick up said couch and re-deliver it tomorrow morning. Ummm, ok.

Something has been niggling at me all day. I couldn't understand why I would have bought a couch, a rather large couch at that, without thinking twice about it fitting into my apartment. It suddenly dawned on me after work, as I was opening my front door tonight. I DIDN'T order a one-piece three seater, it was supposed to come in two sections as a 2 and a one seater...DOH.

I called the company and explained the situation to the manager. Unfortunately, on the order I signed, the sales person had written 3 seater, but had explained it would be made the same as the floor TWO SECTIONS. I also remembered one of the features being that the armrests are detachable, so the one seat can move to be a chair on it's own with the matching ottoman. Damn, I wish this was all so clear to me at 9.30am when I was having an anxiety attack!!!

Oh, and also, I dobbed on the delivery guys, who swore blind there was nothing more they could do...they never bothered to remove the armrests. This would have made a huge difference, but the Universe obviously didn't want me to have it...

N x

New Month, New Injections, No Date

I spend my months anxious to either get my period or anxious about getting it because I DON'T want it. This month I wanted it so I could start the next IVF cycle. I finally got it on Thursday...called the Fertility Clinic and went in on Friday morning for an ultrasound to check that the cyst had gone and a blood test to check my estrogen levels were down.

The cyst had gone and my levels are good to go and I was asked to come back on Saturday morning to pick up the injection called Puregon - 200ml, once every evening. I'm doing an Antagonist cycle this month. I was told that this is a better way to go because neither Syneral nor Lucrin worked for me. An antag cycle is shorter than the normal IVF starts on day three rather than day 22. This way my estrogen is already way down and they can monitor me better.

I'm on day three of the shots and getting headaches every night. I've been doing some research and everyone who has posted about Puregon has had these lovely headaches. They're not lasting long...a couple of hours, and if this is the worst thing to happen this week, it's not bad.

N x

Monday, August 10, 2009

Lunch Date

Monday, August 10, 2009

I bit the bullet and agreed to meet a guy. I ran into a family friend last week...

"I know I may be speaking out of turn, but my daughter has a friend who is single and I was wondering whether you would mind me giving him your number? He's a guy you probably remember from school."

I did remember him and wasn't crazy for him then, but hey, what the hell.

He called, we spoke, I had to keep asking him to repeat himself because I couldn't make out everything he was saying, but I put it down to cell phones. It was, instead, a red flag!!!

We arranged to meet for lunch the following day, being Saturday. I knew I'd be hungry as I'd already been to a yoga class and walked Ollie to the dog park, which is a couple of K's. I was at the restaurant first and was sitting at a table outside when he arrived. It was another one of those meetings when I just know it's going to be yawning boring but hope I'm wrong...unfortunately, I wasn't.

He asked me about my time in The States and how I was liking being back. I STILL had to have him repeat himself because he mumbled. It was VERY aggravating. I tried to pretend I knew what he was saying, but this didn't work. I answered what I thought he'd asked me, but he kind of had a puzzled look...oops...

When I asked him questions about stuff in his life, he seemed to not want to answer. He's not shady, I think more that not much happens in his world. I'm not being mean, am I? This is the impression he gave me.

We ordered, we ate, he mumbled, I strained to understand him, I ordered a bloody Mary thinking it would help, it did, but not to make out what he was saying. It was boring. Thankfully the food was delish and no one I knew walked by.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Reasons I Need Someone To Live With...

Friday, August 7, 2009

1. I was late this afternoon to meet my girlfriend for lunch because I couldn't do up my bracelet.

2. Ollie never tells me whether I look good. Nor would he tell me if my butt looks fat in a pair of pants. This is why I need to have a hand mirror so I can see behind me. I would never go out in public without knowing what the people behind me can see.

3. Then there's the dress that ties at the back. Not at the back of waist, but in between my shoulder blades. Can't tie it. Can't wear it.

4. I have a fab pair of tall boots that I can't wear because they pull on easily, but I've nearly dislocated my knees getting out of them alone. When I wear them I shouldn't BE going home alone. Maybe I AM too picky.

My Bad

My estrogen levels weren't at a thousand and something...they're at TWO thousand. I had yet another blood test this morning and was supposed to call the clinic between 2.00 and 3.00, but one of the nurses called me at noon to let me know and see whether I could come in this afternoon for them to give me a trigger shot...of Ovidrel. I had lunch with a girlfriend and went after. The shot should, and I repeat SHOULD even out my estrogen. I can start again after my next period.

My social life, since I've returned has been kind of boring. I've been catching up with friends, but don't have many single friends who can hang out with me at night. Sydney is SO small and the dating scene is pretty slim pickings. This is not just me saying this, I've been taking a secret survey and from what I've been hearing, there just aren't many single men here. Internet dating here is nothing like in the States. There you're anonymous, in Sydney there's always six degrees of separation.

I've had a couple of friends tell me they have a guy in mind for me and can they give him my number.
Sure, why not.
So far, though, I'm still waiting for the calls.

Maybe I'll meet someone on Sunday. There are going to be at least 100,000 people in Bondi for the City to Surf by the afternoon. Maybe my Prince will be one of them!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

This is Getting Silly

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last week, the Doctor assured me that Lucrin would definitely make my cycle suppress. This is NOT the case, in my case. My estrogen level should be at 150, but it's at a thousand and something. This means my body is doing everything as if I wasn't on any, ovulating and I will probably get my period next week.

The nurses at the clinic think I have either a cyst or a fibroid. I know I'm prone to both/either, so I'm not shocked, just disappointed that I STILL can't start.

I've gone off all meds and am going back for a blood test tomorrow...