Monday, August 24, 2009

New Month, New Injections, No Date

Monday, August 24, 2009

I spend my months anxious to either get my period or anxious about getting it because I DON'T want it. This month I wanted it so I could start the next IVF cycle. I finally got it on Thursday...called the Fertility Clinic and went in on Friday morning for an ultrasound to check that the cyst had gone and a blood test to check my estrogen levels were down.

The cyst had gone and my levels are good to go and I was asked to come back on Saturday morning to pick up the injection called Puregon - 200ml, once every evening. I'm doing an Antagonist cycle this month. I was told that this is a better way to go because neither Syneral nor Lucrin worked for me. An antag cycle is shorter than the normal IVF starts on day three rather than day 22. This way my estrogen is already way down and they can monitor me better.

I'm on day three of the shots and getting headaches every night. I've been doing some research and everyone who has posted about Puregon has had these lovely headaches. They're not lasting long...a couple of hours, and if this is the worst thing to happen this week, it's not bad.

N x

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