Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Week

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another injury, or so it seems.

I was standing outside at 6 o'clock this morning trying to cajole Ollie into walking.
He was adamant that he DID NOT want to go.
I took his leash and started pulling him to the street because if he gets there, he'll walk (he's an odd doggy).
As I walked over the grass, there was a ditch, that obviously, I didn't notice, and twisted my ankle....

Shit it hurt. I figured I'd do my morning walk though and hobbled the next 4 miles....don't ask, I'm not sure either. Although, in my MBTs, it felt very secure. It was when I went home to change into my crocs to go to the dog park, that I realized just how much it hurt.

Still, I soldiered on and went to work...not only that...I DROVE to work, in my car, with a clutch. Now, that, was not an easy feat.

I limped around the store and finally decided to go to the ER after work, to have an xray. The hospital in the town where I live is more like a hotel!!! They have valet parking for the Emergency ward, personal TVs in all the rooms, it's clean (compared to every other ER I've ever been to, or heard about) and there are hardly any people IN the ER. There were only four people ahead of me.

One mother was on the phone to a friend explaining how her son had eaten a nut that evening and had blown up. He was highly allergic and his nanny had fed him a salad with nuts....but get this....the mother had bought the salad, left it in the fridge and went out. She tried to call the nanny, but her cell phone died....bad luck, huh? Luckily her son didn't. I don't quite understand why, if you have a child who is deathly allergic to something, why would you even bring it into your house?

Another couple was there with their nine year old son who had sliced his wrist with a new Swiss Army knife. She and I started talking about the US Open and her son kept joining in. He was very sweet and brave, seeing as he had a rather large, deep gash that he was dealing with. They were called, then I was, but I saw him again after I had my xray. He'd just seen the Doctor and had a bandage on his wound. Then as I was being wheeled out as I was leaving, he called to me to show me his stitches..he was very proud, and very sweet.

I now have an Ace bandage on my ankle and crutches. Was told to stay off my foot for at least four days.

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