Friday, October 24, 2008

Ok, I'm back

Friday, October 24, 2008
in the US and over my jet lag. I had a fun, relaxing time with my family and caught up with all my friends and now I'm back in the real world.

I flew from Sydney to LA, spent the day catching up with a girl friend and caught the red eye back to NY that night. I arrived home at 6.30am last Friday. Ollie couldn't be picked up before 9.30, so I had time to kill. I showered, unpacked (yup, even surprised myself), started doing laundry, took my car to be washed and did some grocery shopping on my way to get him.

Telling you he was happy to see me would be an understatement. He did not let me out of his sight for days and even now, he wants to go everywhere with me!!!

I've 95% decided that I'm going to move back to Australia. All the stars are pointing me in that direction. I wont bitch about being jobless anymore here, because the last time I did, even though this is MY blog and therefore is about ME and my feelings, certain people took offense to what I had posted.

Australia has a very strict quarantine policy....six months all up. Thankfully it can be five months here, in the US and then only 30 days there. I took Ollie to the vet a couple of days ago to have all the necessary blood tests. The results will be back in a couple of weeks and I can start counting down....YES Mum....I really did it.

It became a running joke while I was there....EVERYONE I ran into asked whether I was moving back. No, not whether, when. Some of these people I hadn't seen in years and at first I thought Mum had asked everyone to say something to me, or was paying them to...but she assured me she hadn't.

As for the pregnancy, or lack thereof...I took this month off seeing as I was away when I got my period and would have had to have been monitored by my gynecologist in Australia, then come back in the middle of my cycle. With the time differences, and having to take the medication whist traveling, IVF is too costly to play around with missing a day here or there. I'll look at starting with my next period.

It would be SO much less expensive if I could do it in Australia. Need a willing donor though. Here, I have my pick of donors....either from a sperm bank, or one of the guys who have so kindly offered, but nothing is covered by health insurance. There, eighty percent is covered, but there are no donors....ARGH.

The thought of flying one of the willing participants to Australia has crossed my mind. I will give this some more thought....

Now, I have to check on my friend who had lunch lipo...what great times we live in when you can go down two dress sizes in your lunchbreak....

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