Friday, April 3, 2009


Friday, April 3, 2009

THIS IS THE THIRD TIME I'VE TRIED TO FINISH AND POST THIS!!! I've been staying with friends and my drafts aren't saving properly....

I know I was supposed to be telling you all about packing up and saying my good byes, but this month has gone SO fast, I've not had time to. As soon as I told my friends I was leaving, I became Miss Popular and have been out almost every night...which is VERY unlike me...really, I'm not being facetious.

My friends from work threw me a farewell party and I'm going to miss each and every one of them immensely, along with all my other friends I've made over the past TEN years. Funnily enough, all my guy friends suddenly "needed" to see me. Funny how when you're suddenly not going to be on the same side of the world, let alone in the same state, people realize how much they'll miss you (well, me, actually).

This past week I finished working, sorted out stuff that I wasn't taking with me and had friends over to sell and give away most of it, organized stuff I was taking, had Ollie's final quarantine/vet appointment, found movers and organized for my car lease to be assumed. Actually, the later was done a couple of weeks ago, but it was supposed to be picked up on Friday, the same day as the movers were coming.

Friday rolled around and the movers arrived. They were also packing everything...I'm NOT a good packer and would rather hand the job to someone who is. The Mini was being picked up between 9.00am and noon. At noon I received a phone call from the trucking company...
Hi, the driver is running late
Ok, how late, what time will he be here?
TWO DAYS...he'll pick up the car on Monday
Ummm, NO...I wont be here...this is unacceptable.
Sorry, I was just informed. Can you leave the key somewhere?
Not really, but I suppose I will have to figure something out.

I'd already taken the plates off, so I couldn't go anywhere. I knew I had to come back up on Monday to take Ollie to the vet, so I locked it up and took the key. My apartment was packed up by 3.00pm and all I had to do was wait for my girl friend to finish work to drive Ollie and me into the city to stay with a friend on the UWS.

The weekend was fun...said good bye to friends and did some shopping.

And waited for April 1st, which was leaving day...

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