Thursday, September 10, 2009

Girl Date...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's not what you think...I haven't changed teams.

I've met great peeps at the dog park and some, like me, are single. I was talking to a girl a few days ago, I think last weekend and she was asking me about NY and how I'm doing back here. I told her that not many of my friends are single and my social life has, well, pretty much sucked since I returned. She asked me whether I wanted to catch up for a drink this week and after thinking for about one second, I said YES.

She took my number and sent me a text a couple of days ago. We decided tonight would be a good night for a drink. So, before I went to meet her, I started thinking about really WAS like a date. We'd only met once, for all of 45 minutes, so this was like a first date. What if we ran out of things to talk about? I know we're both girls, but I've had the same situation before...chatted with a girl online and when we met in person, it was extremely awkward. We had nothing to say!!!

It really IS the same as going on a first date with a guy, I even got not one, but 2 pimples today. The only difference was that there was no awkward "goodbye". I wasn't having to anticipate her wanting to kiss me and me doing the quick peck on the cheek thing.

We have another "date" on Sunday afternoon. I'm always open to embracing new friends, whether she'll e around for the long run, who cares. I'm happy I met her, we can have a fun summer together...

N x

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