Friday, September 11, 2009


Friday, September 11, 2009
I just had a very yummy vegan pie from Funky Pies. I'm SO full now, though. It was scrumptious...broccoli, shrooms and something that resembled cheese, but it wasn't because all their pies are vegan. They have pies with pretend chicken and pretend bacon bits, although I've never understood why people who won't eat anything with a mother, want to eat something that's pretending to look like the thing they wont eat.

This vegan/vegetarian side of me is balancing out my new favorite food...BEEF SAUSAGES. For anyone who has known me for a while, this is quite surprising, seeing as I was a vegetarian for twenty-ish years and only started eating meat about eight months ago!!!

Said sausages only come from one source...Fox Markets. I take Ollie there on a Wednesday and he always makes a bee line for them. The guy has cooked samples to try, or in my case I take enough that Ollie and I can share them for lunch. My Mum, who was stunned the other day as she was watching me eat them, bought me a kilo. I took them home, rationed them into pairs and put them in the freezer, after bbq-ing two and eating them before my she date last night.

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