Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Follicles live in your ovaries and produce eggs. For every follicle there is an egg. They start as nothing (after you ovulate) and grow when you have a period. If they get to over 2cm, they are then known as a cyst, which is what I am prone to. This cycle, everything, so far, has gone to plan.

I got my hopes up so many times last year, only to have them trampled on, I'm not getting excited yet, and probably wont until I'm pregnant....REALLY pregnant.

Today I'm a bit sore. I left the house to walk Ollie this morning and was in pain. My ovaries are sore and I'm bloated...both symptoms I was told about, so I wasn't surprised. I'm at work today, taking it very easy and waiting for a call from the Clinic to let me know if and how many eggs were fertilized and what time to come in tomorrow to be inseminated.

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