Thursday, October 22, 2009

Not Compromising...

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Every morning I have a short ritual (by short, I mean it takes all of a minute) where I make a wish to meet the man of my list...admit it, we all have one, even if you ARE in a relationship, and to have a baby. When asking the Universe for things, one must be very specific. On Wednesday morning, I left with Ollie for a quick walk, made my wish and left the apartment. I had to get to the Fertility Clinic for a blood test and ultrasound and was going to take him to the park after. Apparently I must have worded it wrong...

We did the short walk to the beach, walked home, got in the car, drove to the clinic, I got back in the car after the tests (everything was still on track for egg collection Friday, which is now today, but I'm getting ahead of myself) and drove to the park. Ollie jumped out of the car and walked into the park...still a normal day. I watched the whales for about 15 minutes with a couple of friends while the dogs stood was going to be an extremely hot day, then walked Ollie back to the car. This is where my day went downhill FAST. He couldn't get up the stairs. His back legs had NO strength, so I carried him up, put him in the car and called the vet as I sped there because I figured he'd been bitten by a tic.

Vet told me he wanted to check him for tics and keep him for observation for a couple of hours. This was now 9.00am. Fine with me, just fix him. I went and met two new friends for coffee, who were now equally worried about him.

They called from the vet at 1.00pm and told me I could pick him up. There was no tic and as baffling as this was, the vet thought Ollie may have strained his hips, or this was the onset of arthritis. I took him home, but something wasn't right. It came on too fast and too sever to be a hip "thing" so I checked him over once more and FOUND A TIC.

I carried him to the car, and couldn't get back to the vet fast enough, who was mortified he'd missed it. The tic was removed and Ollie was carried away to be doused in a bath and administered an intravenous tic anti serum. He was not coming home tonight.

Paralysis tics are deadly. The first symptom is the dog's hind legs go limp, then the poison goes into their respiratory system, which is where it was heading in Ollie. By the time I took him back, he was panting hard. I picked him up yesterday evening and was told he's going to be fragile for about a week.

He's very lethargic and his bark is different, like he's whispering. When I heard it last night I realized how fatal this could have been. I'm just thankful the tic was found and he was treated in time.

Needless to say, I lost my appetite and really have eaten nothing since this ordeal!!!

Hey, Universe, I'm not compromising. I want my dog, a baby AND a relationship.

N x

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