Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mini Vacation

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I seem to have had friends from NY staying with me off and on, since before Christmas.
First it was my girlfriend and her daughter, and now a guy friend from upstate NY.

He arrived last weekend and to break up his trip, I decided a couple of weeks ago, that we'd go up the coast...which is where I am now, no laptop, and I'm making myself blind with all my iPhone typing. I need glasses to read but I rarely have them when and where I AM. Like now, I'm laying in the shade on the beach and my glasses are nowhere nearby. So I'm typing and squinting.

I started acupuncture again last week in anticipation of my being able to get pregnant in the first part of this year. I'm going to call the clinic on Monday as sure everyone's finally back on deck at their respective jobs. I lovey acupuncturist...he's nurturing and doesn't hurt. I asked about herbs and he gave me something to take twice a day. They're crystals, not the awful dry stuff you have to boil up and drink that, no matter what it is, tastes like I would imagine old stinky socks, cat poo and mud would taste...and smell.
What my lovely acupuncturist offered, I take a spoonful and dissolve it on my tongue then drink lots of water.

Forgot to bring it with me to the beach, but it's not like I really need it here. My overseas visitor is JUST A FRIEND. There is absolutely no chemistry, much to a lot of my other friends dismay. So I'll begin my herb schedule next week, when I return.

Two and a half more weeks til New York.

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