Friday, March 12, 2010


Friday, March 12, 2010

I met a guy I've known for a very long time. Well, we met a long time ago, but haven't seen him in 20 something years. He's been emailing and texting me over the past few days, asking whether I wanted to meet for a drink or dinner. His initial email actually said, and I quote

"Are you available for coffee or a feed?"

Yes, this may be construed as a red flag, but in my eyes, this wasn't a date and I have no desire to take it any further than friendship (not sure about his modus operandi). In my reply I told him I'm not a farm animal, but would be willing to see him at the restaurant of my choosing. He apologized for his poor choice of words and agreed on the place and time

A wine bar has opened in the last couple of weeks up the road from me and I've been wanting to try it, so that's where we went. He was already there when I arrived (points for being on time) and was sitting at a table, which was good, because the place is tiny and there was not a spare seatto be had. He asked me if I'd choose a wine...I asked if red was ok, he said yes. As I was looking at the wine list, he mentioned that it would be better if I could choose a medium priced wine...fine...I'm not being judgmental.

Next we ordered a pizza. Good for sharing, especially for me and my germophobia. I have an issue when I share dishes with people, even good friends and they use their cutlery to dish out the food. To me it's the same as double dipping. So, pizza was a good choice. The waitress (am I still allowed to use this word?) came to the table with the wine and two glasses. He poured himself first...

Here's the next red flag...the pizza arrived and, guess what, he SERVED HIMSELF FIRST. Is it mean of me to find this very very wrong, whether it's a friend or something more???

I know a few of my friends have their own thoughts on me and my singleness. They think I'm too fussy and my standards are unreasonably high. Maybe they're right, but I don't want to be with a guy who has no manners...there's a list, but this is what I'm talking about right now.

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