Monday, April 12, 2010

Told You So...

Monday, April 12, 2010

In more than one previous post, I've mentioned that there are VERY FEW donors in Australian sperm banks and therefore even fewer choices in New South Wales and every time I do, I get shit for it. There are readers who think I'm exaggerating.

I've been called selfish, for wanting a baby without having a partner. Really???

I've been told I'm selfish because I'm using a donor from the US because the child will have a more difficult time locating his/her birth father at age 18. Really???

I've been told to suck it up and let it go. If I can't get pregnant the "natural" way, I'm obviously not meant to have a baby. Really and fuck off...

This article is in today's Daily Telegraph. It justifies what I've been saying all along about Australian sperm banks and the difficulty in doing IVF without a partner. Some of the comments made me want to reach into the screen and shake the posters.

I scanned it here too, in case you just wanted to read it without the comments...


The 7pm Project also did a segment on it tonight...

After reading a lot of the posts on the 7PM forum, and the article written in Grazia, I see now that a lot of people are ill-informed, or would just rather voice their opinion without actually knowing the facts. These mediums give some of the facts, but not all and many of us (not me) go by what we've heard/read only once without bothering to research further.

I've ranted enough now...but I can now say "I told you so".

N x

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