Monday, May 24, 2010

An Anxiety-Filled Week

Monday, May 24, 2010

My egg collection (it sounds like I live on a farm) is on Wednesday afternoon. I had a blood test and ultrasound this morning. My estrogen levels are great and I have one big follicle and a couple of medium ones. The nurses said they could grow between now and when the eggs are harvested because I still had to inject myself tonight with hormones and follicle stimulant. I also have to wake up at 3am to inject the Ovidrel trigger shot because it has to be done exactly thirty six hours prior to my visit to the clinic.

I'm praying (in my own way) for numerous fertile eggs.

They take my eggs and inject ONE sperm into each of them.

I'm praying (in my own way) that they fertilize

Then, on Friday or Saturday, I'll go back and have one, or maybe two transferred back into my uterus.

I'll be doing more praying then too.

Gotta go to bed now because I have to be up in three hours!!!

N x

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