Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello Universe

Monday, July 19, 2010

I would like to thank you, yet again for all the incredibly selfless, wonderful friends you have bestowed on me.

Last week one of my girlfriends in the US offered to donate her eggs to me. We met at yoga about ten years ago...I don't want to reveal too much about her, except to say that she's a decade younger than me and is, and always has been a gorgeous person...inside and out. We never really socialized, mainly because we had different friends, but I saw her a couple of times a week and we've kept in contact through all my moving in the US and to Sydney.

She had a baby in May and we've been emailing and IMing about her new addition. Since the very beginning, she's been there for my baby plight. We were talking about it last week and in the conversation I mentioned to her that the Doctor has suggested I consider donor eggs. I thought nothing of it and kept chatting. A couple of days later I received an email from her offering her eggs...I was blown away...and I cried.

I offered for her, her hubby and baby to come here to do it seeing as

a) my Dr is here

b) the cost, even if I paid for them all to come out, would be more favorable because of our health system compared to that in the States

c) I would have extra embryos here in case the first pregnancy didn't work


d) who wouldn't want an all expenses paid vacation to Sydney, Australia...


I called my Doctor this morning to ask about the logistics, but because she's breastfeeding, she can't start the hormones until after. And even then, she has to have her first period before anything can happen.

Oh well, it was an amazing offer and I'm still going to try one more time with my own eggs...

Protein power...

N x

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