Monday, August 22, 2011

My TV Cherry Has Been Popped and More

Monday, August 22, 2011
The end of last week was quite eventful...

My Egg Donor had her harvest on Wednesday and I had to wait anxiously for the results. 

Five eggs

I've invested a lot of money and more emotional energy into this and, quite honestly, thought (or maybe was just under the impression) that by using a donor who is under 35, she'd have more eggs, which would give me more embryos and more of a chance to have my so-wanted baby.

I'll focus on the ones that I have and hopefully won't need to have this "conversation" again!

Then on Wednesday afternoon I was asked to be on Mamamia...not the website, the TV SHOW, which airs on Fridays. My topic - sperm donors. I jumped at the opportunity because, hells, who wouldn't want their first TV appearance to be on a subject that, until quite recently, was taboo? The show is shot during the day and aired that evening. 

Of course, when I had my fertility clinic appointment on Thursday, I was informed my embryo transfer would be at the exact time on Friday I was going to be at the Sky News studio. Thankfully, the staff at the clinic are accommodating...the nurse called the Doctor and asked if it could be done on Saturday instead. DONE

Despite the shitty, cold, rainy weather, Friday was SO MUCH FUN. I was a bit nervous, but more so right before it went to air because EVERYONE I know, was watching!
I'll post the link to the show when it's up on Mamamia's website.

Out of the five eggs, two embryos survived. One was transferred on Saturday morning.

It's name is Kismet...

N x

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chubbymonkey said...

I just watched the show :-) You were very good! We too had to use donor sperm due to my husband not producing any sperm. Our journey down this path began maybe five years ago and it was not any easier then. After 20 embryos later and no success we had the choice of either adoption or surrogacy, neither of which is easy. We are now lucky enough to be waiting on a child to come home from Korea :-)

With adoption so hard we did consider surrogacy quite seriously but as we had no one here that would do it for us we would have had to look overseas, but at the time I didn't know anything about programs operating over there.

As you probably know anyway that surrogacy for payment is illegal for us here or overseas. It always made me wonder how prostitution is legal in this country, how we are allowed to rent our private bits out for money, yet they ban women from renting their womb for payment.

Now I hear that the banning of importation of eggs and sperm is on the cards. So again, we are allowed to buy sex or sell it, but not wombs, eggs or sperm.

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