Friday, February 15, 2013

9 Things to NOT Say To Me

Friday, February 15, 2013
I adore my friends and most acquaintances but sometimes they either don't think about what's coming out of their mouths, or think it's witty/hysterical/I've never heard it before.

In the past few weeks, since I've become VERY pregnant, there's no denying, hiding (not that I ever did that) or mistaking my giant belly for having eaten too much. People who I see on my morning walk, around the hood, or FRIENDS who have known about this since day 1 are making eye-rolling comments...well, *I* think they are anyway...

1. "Wow, you're pregnant. I didn't know you are married"
    Last I knew, you neither have to be married nor in a relationship to get pregnant

2. "Do you know what you're having"
    "two boys"
    "You'll have your hands full"
     NO SHIT

3. "You're having twins?"
    "yes, that's what I said"
    "You're life is never going to be the same"  
     REALLY? I hadn't thought about that.

4.  "Twins? I hope you have lots of support"
     I do...otherwise I wouldn't be in this predicament!

5.  "I hope you're getting a lot of sleep now because you won't have any for years"
     Thanks for the positive chat

6.  "Are you moving?"
     "I'm selling my apartment and moving to my parents until I can drive again"
     "You have lots of stairs. How will you get the babies from the car?"
     ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ME? I said I'm moving

7.  "No way will you still be eating as healthily as you were before you got pregnant. You
     won't have any time to prepare healthy food plus your boys will want to eat McDonalds
     once in a while and you will let them because it's easier"
     Healthy food is just as easy to prepare as crap. It's how I eat. It's MY choice. The boys
     will NOT be eating fast food. It's not the only way to bring up kids. If they don't have it
     they won't miss it.

8. "Wow, look how big you are. Do you have stretch marks?"
    Yup...look at me. I'm cooking TWO humans in my belly. It's BIG. You don't have to point
    it out, I SEE IT. Also, I've never asked you whether you have stretch marks. Between
    you and me...I don't yet and am hoping they stay away.

9. "A Cesarian? You can't have them naturally?"
    I'm SO fed up having to justify to some people why I've elected to have a Cesarian.
    *There are too many things that can go wrong with a twin birth.
    *I have lots of friends who wanted to have natural births (with singletons) and ended
    up having an emergency C-sect after hours of labor...NO THANKS
    *I just want healthy babies and am not that attached to how they arrive

There are more and I may do another post on this topic but these are the ones that topped my list.

Here are my last four weeks of selfies...

Week 28

week 29

week 30 - mood lighting

week 31 - how much bigger can my belly stretch???



Sunflower said...

Oh my, I know what you mean about idiotic comments. The one that drives me crazy is that "you will never sleep again"and "your life will never be the same again" -- both said in a negative way.

Margie said...

My boy is 4 1/2 and has never had McDonalds. He wouldnt even know what it was. I suspect this will change when he goes to school, but he still won't get it.
By the time i went out to get McDoanlds i could have scrambled/boiled an egg and made toast and cheese as "fast food"

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