Saturday, March 29, 2008

March 29th

Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is the epiphany I had last night. I think I wrote it yesterday's blog, but can't remember. Can you imagine...a girl can actually get pregnant nowadays without actually having intercourse and it's not from a toilet seat!

My sperm traveled across the country, from the West coast to the East, and is now being stored at the fertility clinic awaiting my eminent ovulation.

My Dad traveled across the equator, from Australia to New York, via the West Coast and while he's not being stored anywhere, he IS staying in my hood for the next five days. This'll be interesting...I have NEVER spent 2 days let alone five with just him...ever. Now, kids do it all the time, parents divorce and the kids spend just as much alone time with both parents, separately. Not the same as when I was growing up! But, it'll be fun...the weather has started warming up, thankfully, and he hasn't been here since I moved, nearly 10 years ago, so I can take him to all my favorite places.

This should go in the prior post, but I can't get into it...keeps saying error, error...damn technology. It's great til something goes wrong. Anyway, I's the thing...

My baby daddy suddenly became very popular. I called the Cali Cryobank on Wednesday to order it for Friday delivery (the nurse at the fertility clinic said she wanted it Fri) and the girl I spoke to said "oh, the girl before you ordered from the same donor". What the hell are the odds of that??? AND now he only had 13 vials left, so I bought 4 (just in case).

I wanted to ask her where the other girl lives....this will be my baby's half brother or sister, but I didn't think it was appropriate.

The Dr had told me to only buy IUI sperm. This means it's been washed. Otherwise it's classified as ICI and still has to be washed when it gets to the clinic. I want clean sperm. I'm a germophobe and need to know that the sperm for my anonymous Baby Daddy is going to be squeaky clean before it touches any egg of mine.

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