Sunday, March 16, 2008

ohohbaby...the decision

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm 41, divorced, no kids, but would kill (not literally) to have one. All my friends have kids and I am the only one without them. My clock is tick, tick, ticking and I don't want to adopt, I want to be pregnant and go through the whole process. As I'm not in a relationship at the moment and can't seem to find a willing baby daddy I've decided to explore the sperm bank route. I even run a kid's lifestyle store, so I'm around kids and their Moms, a lot of whom are pregnant with their third, forth or even fifth. I know more about baby's and children's clothing and toys than the average bear and surprise customers when they find out I don't have any kids.

This blog is going to serve as my diary from today. I've already met with a fertility Dr and am going on Monday for my blood test....

I've spoken to a couple of women who have done this and they have more than helpful with sperm banks and web sites. Here in the US we are more fortunate than in other countries. In Australia, for example, the sperm banks wont deal with a woman if she's single. Why, is a single mother not as competent? Why must she have a partner to raise a child? I don't get it. Apparently a lot of single Australian women are now turning to the American sperm banks for donors. There was a story on 60 Minutes about it last week (in Aust).

There are a few banks around, but I've decided, rather than make myself crazy, to look primarily at the California Cryobank. You can choose everything about your baby daddy including height, weight, hair color, hair texture, eye color, you can even request a Nordic man (I see a Viking) and of course religion. When you first look at the number of donors, it's daunting, but once you whittle it down with your choices, it becomes manageable. I had a specific religion AND eye color, so there were maybe 15 or 20 to pour through.

Now I spend most nights online sperm shopping. It's like online dating, but you don't have to go on the date, or put out, but you end up with a baby...go figure.

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