Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 2nd...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Today's THE day. Well, this morning is, anyway. I'm taking every day as it comes and don't want to look too far into the, how long til i know if I'm pregnant? This is the question everyone is asking me. I DON'T KNOW...I assume if I don't get my period in a couple of weeks, I might be pregnant.

This morning started of just like every other morning. I took Ollie, my dog, to the park. He played with his friends, I talked to my friends (the dog owners), they were none the wiser. I haven't really told anyone. Ollie and I went home, I showered and washed my hair....I figured I should make an effort for this auspicious occasion and maybe at least one donor sperm would like me and my uterus enough to stay.

I rocked up to the fertility clinic like it was any other appointment. It was 9am...I wanted to do this before work. I walked into the office, sat down and waited to be called in. The nurse didn't leave me waiting too long. She showed me into one of the rooms and told me to undress from the waist down....been there done that all the other times I'd been. Then I waited for the Dr. He came in with one of the nurses, the vials and some paperwork that I had to read and sign. They asked me to identify the donor number on the vial to make sure it was what I'd ordered.

OMG, what if it wasn't? Then what? How terribly devastating. This was difficult enough without the possibility of THAT happening.

Anyhoo, paperwork signed, everything was set....the Dr filled up a catheter with my baby daddy's sperm and inserted it into my uterus...this was SO not romantic and over in a painless minute. No happy ending for me in this baby making event. I was told to lie there for 10 minutes before getting dressed. After the alloted time, I walked out of the room, made an appointment for a blood test in two see if I'm pregnant. Ahhh, now I have an answer to everyone's question. Then I got in my car and drove to work, just like any other day.

It was all very surreal.

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