Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boo hoo...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I'm sure you all know where this is headed...I got my period today, so now I have to repeat last month. I called the Dr today and he happens to have time to see me this afternoon. I have to go on day one, two or three of my period for an ultrasound and blood work. Then he'll put me back on Clomid (yay headaches).

I'm all for the power of positive thinking....ie, The Secret, and all I want now is to be pregnant, so, what gives, huh?

Maybe my eggs didn't want to put out on the first date. They would have learned that from me, so I can't be too harsh on them. This month I'm going to have to have a talk to them though. The problem is is that they're probably not sure what to do, this is all new to them. For all these years I've told them to repel sperm..."don't get pregnant no matter how much I like him, DON'T DO IT" and now I have to play nice and explain the time has come.

Maybe the baby daddy sperm needed to make themselves comfy in their new surroundings and hopefully text messaged the others that have been hanging out in storage at the fertility clinic to give them the thumbs up. This could be the only other reason, because who wouldn't love to be nestled in my uterus right now, huh, huh???

And anyway, if I was pregnant on the first try, my blog would be too short!!!

Today's original blog has now moved to either later tonight, or tomorrow. It's all about donors.

My Dad's coming back into town this afternoon so we'll hang out and go for dinner and I may just decide to write it when we get home.

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