Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Monday night rant

Tuesday, April 15, 2008
I want to thank everyone who posted today an those who may have thought about it, for their wishes. I saw the Dr again today. They drew blood to test my hormone levels and had an ultra sound. I get the blood results tomorrow and will hopefully be able to start on Clomid again tomorrow night.

I'm upset tonight because I got a text message today from a girlfriend whom I haven't spoken to in months wondering why I didn't tell her I'm pregnant.
So I called her and she told me she got two emails this morning, one from her dad and one from a girl she's still friendly with but I whom haven't set eyes on in probably 15 years, asking whether she'd spoken to me and if she knew. We talked for a while and she said she's in the same situation. Same age as me and wondering what to do. I know I'm not alone in this which makes not only doing it, but writing about my experience all the better...so other women know they're not alone also. We chatted for a bit then she had to go into a meeting, but we'll get together in the next couple of weeks and catch up.

If there's one thing I CANNOT STAND it's being talked about. There are others, I can assure you, but today this is at the top of my list. I think I know how it got to the person in question, but why is what I'd like to know. Not that I care because really, I don't. It's the fact that it was told in confidence to someone...not that I'm pregnant, because, as you have all read, I'm clearly NOT, but that I'm trying. Then in true Chinese Whisper style, it went around a few gossip mongers and what transpired is that I AM pregnant. Yeah, thank you, thank you very much...now get a life and go do your own "thing".

Ok, I promise tomorrow will be more lighthearted.

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