Friday, July 4, 2008


Friday, July 4, 2008

I dropped my prescriptions at the pharmacy for on Monday and picked them up yesterday because I didn't have to start the Clomid until tonight. I couldn't believe it when i went to pay...My lovely insurance company is no longer covering any of the fertility drugs for me because I'm OVER 40. I have no idea why they covered the last 2 cycles...I turned 41 in February, but the Ovidrel went from $30 to $102. I called the insurance company this morning to inquire as to their reasoning. The woman couldn't give me a real one except to say:

"We only cover to 40"
"Ok, so you'll cover me when I GET pregnant, but you won't cover me TO GET pregnant?"
"That's right."

Am I missing something? Isn't this discrimination? Who makes up the rule that after 40 you shouldn't be able to get pregnant any other way than au naturel? A man, I'll bet. I don't get it...why am I any different now than I was 6 months ago?

I was telling this to a girl friend this morning. She lives in Sydney and we chat via BlackBerry Messenger in the mornings when I'm walking Ollie and she's going to bed, and in the evenings when I'm cooking dinner and she's going to work. I was telling her about the health insurance thing and we agreed that this past month had seemed to go very slowly, waiting for my period, and how she feels somehow she's in this together with me, which was very sweet. Then the next message I get, which is SO like her, just to go off on a tangent in the middle of an in depth conversation (it's one of her redeeming qualities) is

"The new elephant at the zoo is pregnant"

"Gee thanks"

While I don't wish to be pregnant for twenty two months, the lack of shopping would start to wear on me I think, I'd really love to join the elephant in the experience.

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