Monday, July 7, 2008


Monday, July 7, 2008

Not so sure about naming your baby after one of the days of the week. Sunny is cute as a name and I get that Sunday is MUCH more sophisticated, but it's a day of the week and not even the one she was born on. It is the only one that's a suitable name though. I couldn't imagine a baby being called Thursday, or Saturday, or any of the other four days, although Wednesday Adams was a dark and mysterious child!

I do congratulate Nicole and Keith. I know this has been a long time coming.

I'm still shopping the sperm bank. I've narrowed my choices down to five....that's from eleven!!! I have one more week to make my final choice. This is not like buying a new pair of jeans or shoes online. I can't send it back if it doesn't.

Oh, and I heard from my ex neighbor again. He called to say hi and tried to tell me he was only kidding when he offered. I shot him down and told him that was which he laughed and asked if I was famous.


"Well, my wife and I have a deal that we can sleep with someone else as long as they are famous. So, if you can get yourself into a magazine, you'll be famous and I can help you."

"Hmmm, firstly you might want to ask your wife whether getting the said famous person pregnant, is part of the deal and second, did you not read my texts to you last week about NOT WANTING TO KNOW the Baby Daddy if I'm not in a relationship with him???"

"I'll be in your hood tomorrow or the next day, so I'll call you and pop into the store so we can discuss it further"

Yay...I'm not even being subtle about saying NO, I told him straight out and he's STILL trying to sell me on the idea!!!

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