Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I'm in love...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No, I think it's just lust at the moment. It's not a guy, don't worry you haven't missed, I'm talking about shoes. These aren't even gorgeous, incredibly expensive, wish they were a teensy bit more comfortable, gotta have these shoes either. They're practical and functional...sneakers and flip flops.

Last week, after leaving my sneakers outside, overnight in a downpour (no one said anything about rain), then being unable to walk in the morning as I only have one pair and the fact they now, even after they've dried completely, smell faintly moldy, I decided I need a new pair. I remembered one of my friends telling me about a pair that she bought right before she got pregnant...NO that's not why I'm buying them and saying while they weren't stylish by any stretch of the imagination, they're comfortable and they help tone your legs and butt. Now, who wouldn't jump at that? So, I started researching them. They're called MBTs. I don't usually like to tell people what I buy until I've worn it enough that it doesn't matter. I do realize there is more than one produced of each article of clothing I buy, but I like to be a bit unique.

I found the one pair I liked. By liked, I mean could wear in public. Wait til you see them, they look like clunky, orthopedic nurse shoes. So I started looking online where I could buy them. I'm all about instant gratification and I could NOT find these damn shoes anywhere. I looked at one of the department store websites...they were there, but the size wasn't and the next shipment isn't until the beginning of September...get out, I want them now. Ooooh, they have live chat on their site, and they were extremely helpful. I was given the locations and phone numbers of their closest stores, who seemed to have my shoes. After two unsuccessful attempts...jackpot...third time lucky, as they say. Now, these are not inexpensive shoes, but I figure if they do what their supposed it, they'll be worth it.

Then, I heard about another pair of shoes that work on the same concept, but these are perfect for summertime. These, I subsequently found out, were on Oprah not long ago and are now THE shoe to have...Fit Flops. This fact alone would normally have put me off buying them altogether, but they are just flip flops at the end of the day. They're definitely not something I'd wear on a date, but I work on a concrete floor and I think I'll be able to wear them all day without pain. Then I had to search out the ones I wanted, which, of course, aren't being shipped until the end of this month, but I figure it's only 3 weeks away and I love having things delivered!!!

I've never seen anyone wearing Fit Flops. I suppose I'd never taken any notice because the next day, three women came in to the store wearing them...all at different times. It was so funny. We got to hear whether they're worth the investment first-hand. Yes, the unanimous response was definitely yes. These, whist not quite as inexpensive as Havianas, or Crocs (love them for dog walking or after yoga), are better for your posture and mold themselves to your sharing Fit Flops.

Now I wait patiently for my MBTs which should be here tomorrow...they BETTER be...patience is not one of my attributes.

Sidebar #1: there's another word to add the post below...mold/mould

Sidebar #2: I just got off the phone with the friend I mentioned above. She was extolling the virtues of her MBTs. She told me I had made a wise decision...yay me.

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