Friday, July 11, 2008

TGI Friday

Friday, July 11, 2008

There I was talking to a customer today when euch, I got my period...A WEEK EARLY and wearing white shorts, nonetheless. That was awesome, as you can imagine!!!

I had to change gears (and gear) so as soon as the customer left, I called the fertility clinic to see if they could fit me in this afternoon. It was noon but being Friday, I HAD to go there today. They could see me at 3pm. Great.

I dashed home to change my outfit, then to the Doctor. Thankfully this is all five minutes from work .

Blood test, check, ultrasound, check, watch video on how to inject myself with Follistim, then go through it with the nurse, err, check. It didn't seem too terrible and I've spoken to girls who've done it and said it's easy. I have to wait for a phone call tomorrow with my blood results and if my hormone levels are ok, I can start on Sunday. That means insemination would be Friday and I STILL haven't made a decision on a new Baby Daddy...ARGH.

This is what I've decided to do this time. I'm having the sperm bank help me choose. They offer a service where you send them you top 1 - 6 or 7 - 12 prospective donors, and a photo of your dream Daddy. For couples who are using the sperm bank, they would submit a photograph of the husband. A counselor compares the donor numbers to the photo and rates them for facial characteristics. When I spoke with one of the counselors yesterday, she told me they receive lots of Brad Pitt and George Clooney photos!!!

One of my girlfriends offered to dress up like a man, take a photo and submit it.

*Skip to two hours later....

Ok, I submitted a celebrity pic. I have a friend who lives in California whose photo I would have loved to have used, but after me subtly asking, and him not sending, and now having to hurry, I found three male celebrities who he kind of looks like. I then narrowed it down to one, filled out the form and as I was about to hit "checkout" (yes, it really says that), I changed my mind on the guy. Also being an A Lister, I was able to find the perfect photo of him, download it and emailed my order. I called the sperm bank to make sure it was received. The woman who answered the phone, told me he's someone she would have chosen.

Yup, I'm sure she says that to everyone.....

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