Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another SATC Moment

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I went out with a guy about three years ago. We broke up and I moved on. Then last year he contacted me. He wanted to know whether I wanted to have a baby (at this point, I was not considering a sperm bank) because he did and decided I'd make a great Baby Mama. He, apparently, just figured I'd do it.

He spent months selling me on the idea and I'd finally thought of succumbing when, poof, he disappeared into thin air.

Then today, abracadabra, he reappeared, IMing me this afternoon...chatting like we'd spoken last week, asked whether I was seeing anyone and if I still wanted a baby.
I gave it to him....nicely, but told him I couldn't believe he thought he could show up again and take up where we left off....A YEAR AGO.

He told me he got back together with an ex girlfriend, but after six months, they decided it wasn't going to work, again. I told him about the whole fertility thing. He asked questions, but seemed to know quite a lot about it. He said he's dying for a baby and has been looking for a surrogate!!! He still wants me to have his baby, and was offering to come here so we could conceive it the natural way.
He was all flirty and trying very hard, but c'mon, who does he think he's talking to!!!

"I don't think so....I haven't seen you in three years and jumping into bed with you isn't something I want to do."

Then he offered to come to the Dr with me next time and just "donate" and the Dr could inseminate me like he's been doing. He also REALLY wants a baby, but I've said it more than once before, I do not want to be bound to anyone I'm not in a relationship with. I don't, I just don't.

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