Sunday, January 25, 2009


Sunday, January 25, 2009
Last week I did a three day detox juice cleanse with most of the girls I work with. It was awesome, and addictive!!! We did it through a raw food cafe in Rye, NY.

Coconut water, a green juice, electrolight lemonade, a blended soup, a green salad and an almond milk...but I don't eat nuts, so my milk was substituted for another green juice. I wasn't hungry at all and other than the caffeine headache, I loved it. We all did, one of the girls even lost 7lbs.

The girls who didn't do it first time around, are doing it this week and some of the girls who DID do it, are doing it again. It really is addictive. I feel SO great and would love to do another 3 days...and I think I might after my Birthday, next week.

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