Sunday, March 1, 2009

Here I am...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I've been SO boring the past few weeks, I had nothing fun to blog about.

Things that have happened since the last time we met...

* A woman gave birth to octuplets. Adding to her already large family of six it's WAY too big. I have no doubt you're all up to date on this story. A lot of the media outlets here won't cover her any longer. It's sad for all the children, and the mother is incredibly selfish. She will never be "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" material.

* I stopped all insemination procedures. The next step is IVF and here in the US it isn't covered by my private health insurance (even though I pay $500/month!).

* We are in the beginning stages of the biggest snow storm of the season. When I wake up, there will be about a foot of snow on the ground and it's going to keep snowing all day Monday.

* I've decided to move back to Sydney. I started contemplating it when I was there in Sept/Oct last year and booked my ticket last week. I leave the first week of April and have an appointment with a Fertility Dr the week after I return.
March is going to fly by. After being here for ten years, I have SO much to organize.
- I have to find a moving company that I like...
- Ollie has to have his final blood tests next week. This after having the first ones in October. The quarantine process to bring animals into Australia is extremely stringent. I've spoken to the freight man at JFK who had to book him on the flight and has to approve all the paperwork.
- I need to find someone with good credit to assume the lease on my car. I'm going to be sad to give it up. I love my car, but it IS just a car and someone in my family has the same one, so hopefully I'll be able to borrow it now and again (was that subtle enough???)
- Anything I own that plugs into a wall has to be sold. Also my grill, bike, espresso machine, couch and a couple of other things. An email went out to everyone letting them know, although a couple of friends have dibs on some pieces. Craigslist, you're all thinking...and I hear you, but I really don't want strangers coming over when I'm here alone.
- The girls at work have been very supportive and most are sad I'm leaving...but they'll have a reason to visit Australia now! I've finally found a great group of girls, most of whom are my age and I love going to work every day, but I need to go back to my family and friends. I know it's the right thing to do.

It's funny how when I've told people I'm going, they suddenly HAVE to see me, especially guys. One of them told me a couple of weeks ago, when we were out that although he doesn't see me often, now I'm not living in the City, it's nice to know I'm not that far...and still in the same country!!! Another is now single and is finally ready to be with me. I told him he has horrible timing and I'm not not leaving because of this. He understands and I'll see whether he does what he said he will do...I'll let you know what it is, if he does.
There are a couple of other wrenches that have been thrown at me to see whether I'd change my mind, but I'm not. My ticket is booked, I need to get pregnant...I'm leaving.

I'm back to blogging and will keep you up to date with the moving and farewelling drinks and dinners.

N x

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