Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Tuesday, April 5, 2011
It's April and I'm posting again. Don't fall over!!!

I have decided that my psyche cannot deal with another failed round of IVF with my eggs, so a few months ago, I put it to the Universe that I was looking for an egg donor.

I'd spoken to my fertility Doctor about it. He has affiliate clinics in Greece, NY and South Africa. All of which have an abundance of egg donors. These countries do not have archaic laws like in Australia. No prize for guessing which clinic would be my choice! I would go to NY, have the embryo implanted and either come straight back, or stay for the two week wait, in case the embryo didn't stick and I would repeat the procedure. I kept thinking I'd rather do it here, so all the embryos were close by and I wouldn't have to travel.

Not the easiest thing to have happen, living in NSW where egg donors cannot be paid and they are few and far between. Friends had kindly offered but there are stipulations. The donor must be 35 years or under (my friends are over the age limit) and have finished her family. Also there are genetic tests carried out and she has to have counseling. Then there's the IVF drugs she has to take for the month and all the blood test and ultrasound appointments to go to. AND, like with sperm donors, when the child turns 18, he/she is able to seek out the biological mother. Certainly not a walk in the park.

A couple of weeks ago, I was out getting some lunch when I ran into my Doctor in the street. We chatted for a while then our conversation went something like this...

Doc "I must go because I have to harvest some eggs" (the clinic is in the building we were standing next to)

Me - joking "can you please save me some?"

Doc "is that what you've decided to do? Use an egg donor?"

Me "yes, but in a perfect world, I would rather find a donor here"

Doc "hang on...I was just on the phone with a woman who has offered to be an egg donor. She's Jewish but she wants a hetrosexual couple"

Me "QUICK CALL HER BACK. I'm Jewish and hetrosexual. Being single is not by choice and I could have a partner in the very near future. Also, couple split up. Not all, but some.

Doc "I really have to go, but I will call her when I get back to the office and let you know"

That was on a Thursday. He called me the following Monday to tell me she had agreed.

I'm now on the pill so our cycles can be synced. She will have her eggs harvested, hopefully in the next month or so. The eggs will be fertilized with the donor sperm I purchased last year. It has been sitting on ice since my last cycle in November and three days later, I will have an embryo implanted. We've decided on one at a time.

OMG, I have an egg donor. An altruistic egg donor. This is someone I will never meet. All she knows about me is my religion, that I'm single and desperately wanting a baby. I know nothing about her other than she's 35 or under, her religion and that she's an angel.

Thank you Universe.

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