Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Beginnings

Tuesday, July 5, 2011
At last, the generous-hearted, wonderful Donor signed her consent forms. I went to see the Doctor this morning to make sure all my paperwork was dotted and crossed. He told me she's ready to begin.


I wish I was as excited for me as my family and friends are. Don't get me wrong, I'm very excited and a bit overwhelmed. You've got to understand, whilst I haven't been down this path before, I've been down others that have all resulted in me being on this one. Which is great, but the emotional exhaustion that comes after every failed attempt, is awful. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. I know that by using an egg donor, the odds of me actually getting pregnant and having a BABY are far higher and for that, I'm ecstatic. I suppose I'm a bit numb.


In four days I begin spraying Syneral up my nose 3 times a day. I'm going go have to remember to take it with me whenever I go out. Thankfully it's not as anti social as having to go to a public bathroom to give myself a shot. I'm refraining from illegal drug references as nothing I could come up with, was remotely witty.

After the doctor, I went to the clinic to let them know what I'm doing and to look out for my anonymous donor (she'll be the one wearing the hat and Groucho Marx glasses and moustache). The nurse filled me in on what i need to do over the next couple of weeks and then told me that even though I'm using an egg donor, because im carrying it, the baby will still have my cells. It may have the donor's features, but will have my characteristics.

I love that she said that.

The hormones make me pile on weight, no matter how healthily I eat or how much exercise I do, so I'm going to do a three day cleanse next week. Oh, also, I'm moving in twelve days, so lots of good things are happening. I'm not cooking next week because I'll be packed up and cleaning my apartment, so it's a perfect time to juice. It all gets delivered and there's no mess! I'll feel great after it and can move into my new phase of life feeling light and cleansed.

N x

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