Thursday, July 11, 2013

Welcome Tiny Humans

Thursday, July 11, 2013
Asher Wilson 2.244kg 
Born March 26th at 7:19am
 Milo Judah 2.022kg
Born March 26th at 7.20am

It's taken me until today...fifteen weeks and one day, to have some time to sit and write this. My babies take up ALL OF MY TIME...ALL.OF.IT and when I *do* get a few minutes to myself, I shower/eat/try to nap.

The caesarian happened without any hiccups and before I knew it, I had TWO babies.

My long awaited dream had finally become a reality. One day these tiny people will call me Mummy.

The babies were perfect but small and had to spend time in the Special Care Nursery (SCN). Once they lost their birth weight - approximately 200grams (as all babies do) - Milo weighed a tiny 1.8kg and Asher 2kg. They were like newborn puppies and had to be nasal tube fed.

I'm planning on elaborating on much of what's in this post but want to bring it up to date first...then will go back with details when I next have time!

The boys came home on April 8th. Home being my parents house. I moved there a few weeks before I gave birth because I had to sell my apartment...too many stairs to be able to carry two babies.

Now all these months later, whilst I'm grateful for all the help and support from my parents and family, I'd love my own space.

They were circumcised when they were 8 weeks old. In my religion they should have been done at eight days, but they were too little and my paediatrician recommended I wait. That was not a fun day for anyone involved, especially my brothers, who are the boys godfathers and held them during the procedure. I presume it's an image that gets burned into your brain and can never be erased!!! I wouldn't actually know because I, along with Mum and my sisters in law, waited in the hallway.

I've "written" a dozen posts in my head in the shower or in bed but none have made it past my fingers. Now, of course, I've forgotten a lot of them. Anyhoo...I now know to jot down all my ideas to come back to later.
I want to tell you about the birth, the wonderful midwives in the SCN, breast feeding/formula, the things people say and much more...

In the past weeks, the babies have brought so much joy to my life. It's incredible what time suckers they are! One minute it's 6am, then, without me doing much at all, it's suddenly 5pm. I don't know where the days go and I seem to get nothing achieved (a perfect example is right here) but I figure if everyone's alive and happy at the end of each's been a good one.

Now they're 15 weeks, my paediatrician told me I could start them on solids next week. I cannot tell you how excited I am to introduce my boys to REAL food.

Yesterday I separated the babies into their own cribs. They've been sleeping together since coming home from the Hospital but they wake one another up when they cry.

I'm posting this TONIGHT, otherwise another four weeks will go by without anything from me.

N x


Angela said...

Well done you for writing a post! Oh and growing those 2 little darlings as well :)
They are adorable.

lisa simms said...

hello how do i follow your blog?

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