Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm Baaaack

Friday, May 23, 2008

I've been quite under the weather since my return to the US. As you know I got sick the last week of my vacation, which SUCKED BIG TIME. I had to say good bye to my grandmother from the other side of the room and couldn't see my nephew or niece, nor any of my friends...

Oh well...shit happens and now I've moved on.

Everything was a ok when I got home. Needless to say my dog was more than excited when I walked in the front door on Sunday night. He then proceeded to not let me out of his sight for the following 24 hours.

I dropped by the fertility clinic on Monday to let them know I was back and I'd be seeing them in a couple of weeks.

I'm finally feeling somewhat normal, which is a bonus seeing as this weekend is Memorial Day weekend....the unofficial start of summer and I would like to go out an enjoy the gorgeous weather they have predicted.

A funny thing happened today, but I"ll go back to the beginning of the story so it makes sense...

When I was in Sydney, I was set up on a blind date. A friend of a friend knew a guy whom she wanted to introduce me to, so she organized a group dinner to make it easier. Dinner was fun and we met again for coffee a few days later.

Here's the funny part...I was talking to a customer this afternoon, who said to me "you came up in conversation the other night." Ummm, ok. "apparently you were set up with Jim Brown (we'll call him that for anonimity purposes). How'd it go?" Errr, how did this get from Sydney to here and where is the link??? She went on to tell me friends had come for dinner and somehow the store I run had come up in conversation. Both women shop there and know me. The guy (who was the guest) is someone I've known for many years and know a lot of the same people. Somehow a connection was made from the store conversation and he, knowing the brother of my blind date, told everyone about the "set up". Funny just how small the world really is.

Sidebar...the guy actually lives in the US and was on vacation in Australia.

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