Saturday, May 17, 2008

Since my last post...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've contracted strep and have been battling a fever and throat that feels like I've swallowed razor blades. It's either due to stress, or eating meat, I'm not sure which.

I've been seeing a Chinese acupuncturist the past couple of weeks who told me, amongst other things, that my body is too cold and I should eat red meat...something I haven't done in about 20 years. At the moment, I'll do almost anything to get pregnant, so a carnivore I've become. It took me about a week to be able to actually put a piece of meat in my mouth and it was disguised as something with lots of tomato sauce...not so bad...I can do this.

Then there's my friend who came back from what sounded like a fun vacation with her boyfriend. She had let one of her co workers house sit while they were gone to water the plants and feed the fish. They arrived home to find the co worker gone and her front door wide open. Was she stolen? Nothing was missing. What the hell happened?

She started calling around and finally found the phone number to the co worker's boyfriend whom she had met a few times, so he had no qualms telling her his girlfriend had over dosed and was now in the hospital...GREAT.

She had started texing her boyfriend the other night and he thought they sounded weird, so he called 000 (911 for the US readers). He followed not far behind and someone, evidently, forgot to close the door, or turn off any lights. Fortunately, fish are unable to run away. Needless to say, there were a couple of stressful days.

What did she OD on, you ask...Well, my friend's boyfriend had knee surgery a couple of months ago. That's why they had gone on vacation now, it had been postponed from March and they had waited until it was 100% better so they could enjoy themselves. He had been prescribed painkillers that he had filled, but hadn't actually taken and were still in the medicine cabinet...vicodin, oxycodone, I'm not sure if there was anything else. She found them though and had her own "special" party.

My week of sagas does not end there...

I received an email at 2am a couple of nights ago from one of the girls at work saying the girl I employed before I left, the one I've known for ages and has always been reliable, had not turned up for work that day and did I know where to find her as her cell phone went straight to voice mail. The last I'd heard from her, she was at my place looking after my dog...YAY.

She was eventually located in the hospital with a kidney thing that she'd contrated the night before and doesn't know when and if she's coming back to work....double yay.

This has been an interesting week to say the least...

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