Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's great to be able to celebrate the day with my Mum and grandmother especially seeing as I live SO far away and hopefully next year I'll be a part of this club.

We were out having a fun family lunch when I got a text message from my friend who now has my dog..."I'm going to be thrown out of the apartment by my boyfriend. Ollie can't stay here any longer, what should I do?" I looked at the time where she is and it was 11pm on Saturday night...ummm, well, not sure. Had she let me know a couple of hours earlier, I could have called around, but not at that hour. I suggested seeing as she had the key to my apartment, she take him there (she lives two minutes from me) and I figure out something for tomorrow. This is rather stressful for me.

I'm sure you're all thinking "he's a dog, send him to be boarded", which is now what I'm going to have to do, but I've never had to board him before and doing it from the other side of the world is not easy. Although he IS a dog, he's quirky and VERY much a momma's boy, seeing as he's always with me...this was not part of my vacation plan and yet another test, although I'm not sure why (yet again).

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